Welcome to Family Time Travelers, charting historical adventures on every trip we take! We are a family of three who love to travel and find the history in the places we visit. Whether it is in our own backyard in the mountains or half way across the world, there is so much to see and learn!

The Main Navigator and Mom – Alecia

I have always enjoyed travel since a young age. When I wasn’t able to travel as much, I would just move every so often to get my need satisfied to see something different and experience a different place. The concept of Family Time Travelers came from an experience I had in High School. The summer prior to my Senior year, my parents took me to England and Europe for two weeks. In England, we visited Canterbury Cathedral. I knew that I would be reading The Canterbury Tales in English that coming school year, so I purchased my copy right there at the gift shop at Canterbury Cathedral. It really made the experience of reading that book a little bit easier because I could see and understand the scenery better since I had been there, just in a different time. I want to give that to my children so they will be able to truly experience historical places and history in general. I want them to be able to say they have been there and can describe it not from a book or picture, but from actually seeing and experiencing parts of the history.

Big E

Big E is my daughter who is 10 years old and in 5th grade. She loves to travel and see new places and has the drive to constantly be on the go. She enjoys learning, especially hands on learning, and has really grasped the concept of learning on our vacations. She loves to recite back what she has learned and share with her classmates and others.

Little E

Little E, my son, is 8 and in 3rd grade. He is my inquisitive one to a T. I can always count on him to ask question after question, with some of them being very in depth. He thinks on things and then will follow up with more questions. He often will explain what he has learned and experienced while I’m putting him to bed at night. It is so great to see those wheels turning as he is thinking up what he wants to know next.


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